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Big Basin State Park General Plan Background

Big Basin State Park’s General Plan is currently being prepared. The Sierra Club’s work on the Castle Rock State Park General Plan process has taught us that this new General Plan will require real work by those concerned with conservation. We will need to be vigilant if we are to see a Plan that is professional in providing for responsible recreation and wildlife conservation. Initial public meetings have been held in which Parks outlined the planning approach and took public comment. The Club responded at these meetings, but our volunteers note that the majority of the public at these meetings were more concerned with personal gain than with maintaining the beauty and majesty of the trees, streams, and rugged landscape of the park. We hope more volunteers will step forward to become familiar with the park, suggest areas where responsible recreation can take place, and to document and respond to the planning process as it unfolds. Remember, once a General Plan is in place, it is there forever: this is our chance!

Lead activist: Grey Hayes, 426-3880.

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