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Ventana Chapter Candidates

December 2007

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Joel Weinstein

My concern about the environment first arose in my childhood with the permanent closure of a nearby beach. Love of the Monterey area’s natural environment drew me here. I’m strongly motivated to protect our beautiful area.

My engineering studies and career gave me the opportunity to pioneer in pollution control in the electro-plating and foundry industry. We demonstrated that clean practices were both profitable and effective, leading other plants to emulate our example.

As Ventana Chapter board member and treasurer, I have enjoyed working to achieve the Sierra Club goals. As treasurer I have used the knowledge gained from an MBA in Finance and Accounting and in numerous Sierra Club workshops to keep our chapter finances in good order. I have put our accounting system on Quick Books to make it compatible with Sierra Club National's accounting and have increased the return on our assets 5-fold.


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Eva Haase

I am earnestly dedicated to natural resource conservation, policy advocacy, and community empowerment. I have been fortunate enough to exercise these passions in both my work as the Agriculture and Land-Based Training Association’s Agricultural Conservation Associate as well as through my academic pursuit of a dual Master of International Environmental Policy and Business Administration at the Monterey Institute of International Studies.

I am certified in Conservation Program Leadership, Conflict Resolution, and Wilderness First Response. Previously, I worked to restore degraded desert environments in Joshua Tree National Park, California. My roots in conservation, began in Oregon where I used my environmental and cultural geography background to inform species recovery and habitat conservation studies, educate schoolchildren concerning the role and importance of healthy ecosystems, and grow and market sustainable food crops.

I believe that grassroots investments in cultivating appropriate and innovative approaches to environmental conservation can advance social and ecological welfare.

Thank you for your thoughtfulness.


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Rita Dalessio

As Chapter Chair, I have worked with other Executive Committee members to protect natural resources in Monterey County. We are currently one of the fastest growing counties in the state. Powerful special interests with money and influence seek to develop, especially large subdivisions on unincorporated county land and in the coastal zones. If re-elected to Ex Com, I will continue to oppose projects that threaten our air quality, water supply, farmland and wildlife. Using the expertise and legal clout of the Sierra Club I will work to ensure that environmental laws and procedures are enforced in our area.

As a hiker, I am also very committed to protection of the vast Ventana Wilderness. Our Chapter is actively promoting the preservation of this national treasure to ensure that these spectacular wild lands will continue to be a sanctuary for hikers and wildlife.


Santa Cruz Group Candidates

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Paul Elerick

I’ve been a resident of Aptos since 1970. My wife Sharon and I have two adult children, Paul Jr., and Denise who are living in Aptos.

I am retired, after commuting “over the hill” for 30 years. I saw Santa Clara County in the '60s change from beautiful agricultural land to huge expanses of asphalt. We vowed not to let it happen in Santa Cruz County. We knew Santa Cruz had a chance of keeping its soul if people stood up for the environment.

I am presently serving as chair of the Campaign for Sensible Transportation that helped defeat Measure J which would have widened Highway 1. I also serve as the chair of the Santa Cruz Group's Transportation Committee.

I have years of experience in local political campaigns and community involvement. I’d like to use my experience to advance the goals of the Sierra Club.


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Aldo Giacchino

I have been the Chair of the Executive Committee of the Santa Cruz Group for the past three years, and also served concurrently as the Group’s Treasurer for the last two years. Before and after joining the Executive Committee I have engaged in many community efforts to protect the Santa Cruz environment. I have successfully contested environmentally damaging projects before the Coastal Commission, City, County and regional bodies.

I love our diverse environment, the coast, mountains, forests, streams and open spaces. I will do my utmost to preserve and enhance the enjoyment of our region’s natural resources.

I have a Master’s degree and a ten-year career in city planning, including the position of Planning Director of a major city. I have also been an executive in several health care organizations. I have the experience to plan, manage, and work collaboratively on complex problems and organizational issues. I would appreciate your vote.


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Patricia Matejcek

I presently serve as the Santa Cruz Group Conservation Chair, Liaison to the Ventana Chapter, Chapter delegate to the Regional Conservation Committee, Group Coastal chair and member of Great Coastal Places Steering Committee. I am seeking another term on the Santa Cruz Group Executive Committee in order to continue to work on Central Coast conservation issues.


What does the Executive Committee do?

The members of the Executive Committee make Chapter and Group policy for the Club. These representatives meet each month to discuss issues and hear reports from subcommittees such as the Conservation Committee, Transportation Committee, and the Forestry Committee. Executive Committee members make financial decisions and supervise local Club operations such as budget and fundraising.

For voting instructions see your copy of the Ventana

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