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Marching for women’s lives and a sustainable future

by Cynthia Mathews

Local marchers carry the Sierra Club banner in Washington, D.C. Photo - Cynthia Mathews
Local marchers carry the Sierra Club banner in Washington, D.C.   Photo - Cynthia Mathews

An estimated one million people gathered in Washington DC on April 25 for the historic March For Women's Lives. The Sierra Club was represented as both a national sponsor and by participants from the Monterey Bay Area.

The March, said to be the largest such event ever held in the nation's capitol, was designed to focus public attention on current threats to reproductive choice, and to inspire a new generation of activists to defend reproductive rights and services.

The March represented an unusually diverse coalition, with other major sponsors including Planned Parenthood, NOW, ACLU, NAACP, and Feminist Majority. Local Sierra Club members Linda Brodman, Carol Fuller, and Santa Cruz City Councilmember Cynthia Mathews were among the estimated 100 local residents who participated in the March.

The local delegation carried Sierra Club placards as well as a large pro-choice banner representing the Reproductive Rights Network, a community coalition of over 50 local organizations, including the Sierra Club.

Scholarships totaling nearly $3,000 helped approximately 15 local students and health care workers attend the historic event. Organizers estimated that one third of the participants were under the age of 25.

The Sierra Club has long recognized that promoting access to family planning and reproductive choice is an essential component for improving the status of women and stabilizing world population for a sustainable future.

Our planet is now home to more than 6 billion people, with a projected 50% increase in the next fifty years. With almost one-half of the global population under the age of 25, the choices families make today will have a tremendous impact on the future.

One of the most comprehensive ways to address rapid population growth is through voluntary family planning programs. The Sierra Club supports the highest levels of funding without restrictions for domestic and international family planning programs.

Meeting the basic needs for family planning and reproductive health services now is a necessary investment for an improved environmental future.

For more information contact: Cynthia Mathews, 425-1551 x29 or

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