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Recycled clothing is the latest fashion

December 2007

Recycled Clothes

Sydney Nash, left, and Kathy Richman, below, know the secret to finding bargains and being kind to the environment.. Photo above by Debbie Bulger, photo below by Jeffrey Richman

Recycled Clothes

by Debbie Bulger

Dressing Smartly

Some of the best-dressed people on the Central Coast show their environmental savvy by shopping at recycled clothing stores. The options are many. There are thrift stores such as Goodwill and the Salvation Army, vintage clothing retailers, consignment stores, and yard sales.

Sydney Nash of Santa Cruz has been finding bargains since her college days. “I feel so much better about being a consumer,” she enthuses. Although price was her first motivator, she is now acutely aware of how purchasing recycled clothing helps the environment.

Often, older clothes are better made. Nash loves the silk Chinese jacket she found which was expertly constructed in the 1950s.

“You can find well-known brands,” she pointed out. She was wearing a Banana Republic shirt paired with Eddie Bauer pants when The Ventana interviewed her. The whole outfit cost less than $10.

Kathy Richman from Salinas has been finding recycled bargains for over 20 years. An elementary school teacher, Richman was originally attracted to second-hand stores because of the affordable children’s books she purchased to use in her classroom.

“You just never know what you’re going to find,” Kathy said. “A couple of weeks ago I got a nice cashmere sweater for $3.25! Shopping at recycling stores enables me to purchase quality items that would be beyond my budget if new.”

Richman likes the idea of her purchases not contributing to our culture of excessive commercialism. Her two adult daughters are following in her footsteps by also shopping at resale stores.

A glance at the phone book will reveal a plethora of places to shop while actively recycling. Check the yellow pages under “Consignment Service” and “Thrift Shops.”


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