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Political endorsements
Candidate endorsements for the June 8th Primary Election
April 2010

National and State Offices

Sam Farr | U.S. House of Representatives

Pedro Nava | Attorney General

Barbara Boxer | U.S. Senate

Bill Monning | California State Assembly, 27th District

Monterey County
Ed Mitchell | District 2 Board of Supervisors


National and State Offices

Sam Farr
U.S. House of Representatives

Sam Farr

Representative Farr has earned endorsement by the Sierra Club for his tenth bid for the House of Representatives. He has been one of the environment’s most stalwart friends during his 15 years in public office.

Farr is co-chair of the House Oceans Caucus and continues to provide leadership on ocean policy in Congress. During his tenure in Congress, he has consistently fought for funding and development of ocean activities and programs.

In January 2009 Farr introduced legislation known as Oceans-21, the cornerstone of a strategy to implement the highest priority recommendations for ocean policy. As part of this policy he has recently authored bills that will give added protection and funding for the Southern Sea Otter, create and fund ocean research programs, and establish the Ocean and Great Lakes Conservation Trust Fund to responsibly manage regional and national oceans, coastlines and Great Lakes region through the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Ocean policy legislation Farr has cosponsored includes a bill that requires rapid testing methods for bodies of water and forces states to issue beach advisories within 24 hours. Other laws have dealt with establishment of a public-private partnership to identify and conserve salmon strongholds, permanent prohibition of oil and gas leasing off the California coast, increased enforcement and penalties for violations related to illegal, unreported, or unregulated fishing, and more stringent protection for coral reefs, marine turtles, and sharks.

A lifelong advocate for the natural wilderness areas in Monterey County, Farr sponsored two wilderness bills last year. One would upgrade the status of Pinnacles National Monument to a National Park and add 2,905 acres to Pinnacles wilderness. The second bill would create a separate funding source for the Big Sur portion of the Los Padres National Forest and add portions of five local rivers to the National Wild and Scenic Rivers System.

To contact Congressman Farr’s congressional office or learn more about his public service record go to To help with his campaign contact:


Pedro Nava
Attorney General

Pedro Nava

Sierra Club endorses Assembly member Pedro Nava for state Attorney General, which is probably the second-most important position in the state government. As the top lawyer for the state, the Attorney General enforces our environmental laws, including the California Environmental Quality Act, the Global Warming Solutions Act, and the Coastal Act.

As an Assembly member, Nava has introduced important environmental legislation, including bills banning the use of lead ammunition in Condor country, establishing a comprehensive oil spill prevention program, and strengthening watershed protection. Additionally, Nava has been a staunch opponent of offshore oil drilling in California Coastal Sanctuary waters. Prior to his service in the Assembly, Nava served on the California Coastal Commission for eight years where he had the highest coastal resource protection voting record.

Sierra Club California sent questionnaires to all nine viable candidates in this race. None of the three Republicans returned the questionnaires. All six Democratic candidates participated and were interviewed by our team.

The last two Attorneys General, Bill Lockyer and Jerry Brown, have set a high standard of standing up for California’s air, water, and wild places. We are confident that Pedro Nava will continue and enhance that standard.


Barbara Boxer

Barbara Boxer
U.S. Senate

Senator Boxer will hold strong on our issues as she has for her 28 years in Congress. Now as Chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, she has addressed climate change by advocating for clean energy jobs. She supports California’s AB 32 which will reduce carbon emissions. Boxer’s work has led to the preservation of more than one million acres of wildlands in California. She is still working to stop offshore drilling and to halt the proliferation of toxic chemicals in our environment.

Boxer was a cub reporter for the Pacific Sun, the alternative weekly in Marin/Sonoma, in the early 70s. She wrote about local environmental issues—an environmentalist in word and deed from the very beginning. The Marin Group was instrumental in encouraging Boxer’s first run for office, Marin County Supervisor in 1976, and she won. The Sierra Club has endorsed Boxer in all of her races since then: in 1982 she ran for the House and won, and in 1992 she ran for Senate and won. In this difficult political year, we stand once again in support of Barbara Boxer. She is a steadfast fighter for the environment.


Bill Monning
California State Assembly, 27th District

Sierra Club endorses Bill Monning (D-Carmel) for a second term as Assembly member for AD 27 which includes coastal communities in Monterey County, and portions of Santa Cruz County and Santa Clara County. Sierra Club California has given Monning a 100% score on its 2009 California Legislative Report Card. Assembly member Monning was one of only two Assembly members to support the Sierra Club’s position on all 15 of its priority issues for 2009. Some of these priorities were opposition to off-shore oil drilling, timber harvesting, and support for state parks.

Bill Monning

Monning said: “I am honored to be one of the few members of the Legislature to be selected for early endorsement by the Sierra Club California. Ultimately, our stewardship of our region, state, and the planet will determine the rate and impacts of climate change. Waste management, recycling, reduction of plastics, water conservation, and sound forest management are all areas where we can make a difference through education and advocacy. I look forward to our continued collaboration to protect our coast, habitat, and species while promoting green jobs, green tech, and green lifestyles. The quality of life of all Californians is intimately tied to how we define and practice our relationship with nature.”

This year Monning introduced AB 1956 which provides guidelines to ensure a long-term safe and reliable food supply for the California condor, while also fostering additional collaboration with the Department of Fish and Game to recover this species to the wild.

Monning also just introduced a resolution in the Assembly urging the federal government to protect public health and the environment by requiring the disclosure of ingredients in pesticides.

“Americans have no idea what chemicals they are being exposed to, since elements that are deemed inert or inactive never show up on pesticide ingredient lists. Not only do consumers have the right to know the complete list of pesticide ingredients that are put on their food and end up in their drinking water, but in the case of an emergency, it is critical for our health care professionals to have access to the full ingredient list of pesticides so they can properly treat anyone who was exposed to them,” he said.

To help with Monning’s campaign contact:

Monterey County

Ed Mitchell
Board of Supervisors District 2, North Monterey County

Ed Mitchell

Ed Mitchell has earned the Club endorsement for District 2 in North Salinas and North Monterey County. Mitchell is running on a strong platform of environmental reform in an area of the county plagued by mismanagement and poor water quality.

Ed has a long record of opposing current water and land use policies which compromise human safety as well as damage the environment. Working with his wife Jan and Chapter members he has tirelessly advocated for almost two decades for improved water quality and safety in North County. Currently, dozens of families are without water in the Granite Ridge area, and private wells all over District 2 suffer from rising arsenic and nitrate pollution. Several private water systems do not meet safe drinking standards, and saltwater intrusion is pushing inland.

In 2007 Mitchell discovered that 45% of the fire suppression water capacity was not built in a subdivision in Pesante Canyon, placing 400 families in the area at risk from not having adequate fire protection as required by state law and by county ordinance. The Board of Supervisors was not responsive. Only after Mitchell took a “failure to enforce” petition to the Office of the Attorney General of the State of California, did the County fund and contract for building the needed water capacity.

Since January 2000, the Mitchells have donated use of their ranch by the Red Wings Horse Sanctuary for abused and abandoned horses.

As Supervisor, Mitchell is also willing to oppose continual approval of subdivisions at maximum size, septic tank pollution of local water sources, level-1 toxic waste seeping out of the Crazy Horse garbage dump, and the application of noxious chemicals in agriculture which put residents, farm workers, and wildlife at risk.

Chapter members are encouraged to help support Ed Mitchell’s campaign and become involved. His website is: