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Political endorsements

Sierra Club endorsements for 2014 campaign:
March 2014

Sam Farr

Sierra Club endorses Congressman Farr (CA-20) for 2014 campaign.
Check out his website at:

Congressman Sam Farr is Working Hard to Protect the Environment

From the beaches of Big Sur to the peaks of the Pinnacles, I have worked tirelessly to keep the Central Coast of California - as well as other places across the country - as protected open space, accessible to the public and managed with conservation and sustainability in mind. It was through my efforts that the BLM land at Fort Ord was designated a National Monument and that the Pinnacles National Park was elevated to national park status. Where developers saw high-rise condos along the Hwy. 1 corridor, I saw a new state park that protected the dunes. Even now I am slowly but surely putting the pieces together to finalize a 52-mile bike and pedestrian path around the Monterey Bay, complete with trail markers that educate users to the environment around them.

And it's not just the beautiful yet rugged terrain that keeps me engaged in a natural agenda. The ocean is my passion and I have poured many years into protecting and conserving it, too. Though the sanctuary was created before my time in Congress, I have been the leading champion in Congress since my arrival there to protect and increase funding for sanctuary protection and enhancements. I was the one who convinced the White House - then organized - the White House Conference on Oceans right here on the Central Coast back in 1998. Out of that came my legislation which led to the creation of a presidentially-appointed Joint Ocean Commission which I helped draft a National Ocean Policy (NOP). NOP is now the law of the land by Executive Order. Though NOP is under attack by tea party activists, I am working to thwart their impact through my position on the Appropriations Committee.

Life on the Central Coast would not be complete without mentioning the contribution agriculture makes to our surroundings. I continue to work with our growers to use better water saving techniques and best practices to not only conserve water but to prevent run-off to our rivers and to the bay. I have helped bring R&D monies to the district to find alternatives to pesticides and herbicides, especially methyl bromide. And I have helped transform a nascent organic produce industry into a major factor in American agriculture.

Being cognizant of the delicate balance that creates a good, healthy, sustainable qualify of life is what I try to bring to my job in Congress. I do that from having deep roots on the Central Coast, from working with input from critical partners like the Sierra Club, and from having an everlasting passion for the outdoors.

I am honored by the endorsement of the Sierra Club and look forward to continuing this work in the future for all of us and those whom we love.

Sierra Club endorses Assembly member Mark Stone (AD-29) for 2014 campaign. Check out his website at:

Mark Stone