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Conservation Issues of the Ventana Chapter | monterey county

Plans for Monterey Bay Resort Deemed Deficient

September 2014
Snowy Plover Sand City The plans for a mega resort in the dunes threatening this tiny snowy plover's home have been deemed deficient. (Photograph: Steve Zmak)

On August 29, California Coastal Commission (CCC) staff sent a letter alerting developer Ed Ghandour that materials submitted by his corporation to address requirements for the conditional Coastal Development Permit (CDP) for the Monterey Bay Shores Resort are deficient and need to be revised. Specifically, the letter lists deficiencies in several areas including an outdated topo map (1995) of the project site, an incoherent set of working plans, a lack of visual simulations for public view shed, lighting and signage as well as other necessary details and illustrations for the prior to issuance (PTI) notice.

Additionally and of primary importance to Sierra Club, the plans submitted do not adequately address specific provisions that enhance sensitive species habitats including Smith’s blue butterfly and Western snowy plover habitats. Snowy plovers, a federally-threatened species have been nesting on the project site for many years and could be wiped out by the development. Ventana Chapter has been following this development proposal since 1998 and we have submitted extensive testimony intended to protect endangered species at this location.

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